A Hauly, the largest cab in the world, drives through the Erzberg; © Zöbl
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Experience mining at Erzberg at first hand – with 1.217hp

Let’s start the “Erzberg-Adventure”: Modern surface-mining in Eisenerz

The “Erzberg adventure” guarantees visitors of all age groups a fascinating journey into the world of modern technology, impressive size and interesting history. Visiting the “Styrian Pyramide” is one of the most popular activities for company outings. The Erzberg is the biggest surface mining area in Central Europe and only a short drive from Leoben.

Experience the “Erzberg”-feeling by participating in one of the famous Hauly-rides. Watch the blasting of up to 80.000 tons of rock on Thursdays. Immerse yourself in the narrow expanse of the show mine. Or learn about mining history in the exhibition “Oswaldirücken”.

Directions to the “Erzberg-Adventure”:

From hotel Kongress you can reach the station building of the valley station via “Eisenstraße” (B115) in 35-40 minutes. On the drive through “Donawitz” and “Vordernberg” you will already experience the past and the present of steelmaking, which has coined this part of Styria enormously.

In Leoben-Donawitz the “Eisenstraße” passes the industrial complex of “Voestalpine”. This factory produces, next to steel and wire, the longest railway track in the world. Around the globe railways use this 120m long “steel-know-how”.

In Vordernberg you will pass “Radwerk X”, an ancient furnace, which was shut down in 1899. As soon as you reach the top of the mountain “Präbichl”, you will catch a first glimpse of the Erzberg.

Activities around “Erzberg”:

The following things can be experienced around Erzberg:

  • Hauly ride and show mine
    Take a ride with the biggest taxi in the world and also gain insights into mining at the show mine. This “classic” tour is our favorite and a clear recommendation of our team.
    Duration: ca. 3 hours
  • Haulyfahrt
    Ride the Hauly, with its 1.217 h.p., and experience the mining operation up and close. Watch the ore mining and gain insights into the daily-routine at Erzberg.
    Duration: ca. 55 minutes
  • Show mine
    What is the story behind the aquarius? How has the Erzberg come into existence? And what happens during blastings at the Erzberg?
    You will learn all that and more in the guided tour around the show mine.
    Duration: ca. 90 minutes
  • “Radwerk IV” combi-tour
    The furnace museum “Radwerk IV” in Vordernberg shows the only completely-preserved charcoal furnace in the world. The museum visit is combined with a Hauly ride and a tour around the show mine, which offers you insights into ore-mining in the past and present age.
    Duration: ca. 4 hours
  • Hauly ride with live-blast
    Experience the blasting of up to 80.000 tons of rock live.
    Duration: ca. 75 minutes
  • Open air exhibition at “Oswaldirücken”
    This open air exhibition presents you with numerous exhibits of the past, present and future of mining.
    Duration: ca. 90 minutes

Top recommendation by Hotel Kongress Leoben: Experience “Industrial romance”
Combine your trips to the world of ore-mining with a stay in our theme room “Industrial romance”. This room makes steel production become palpable.

The Erzberg - Event arena and visitor attraction

The Erzberg is not only famous for its mining, but is also a one-of-a-kind location that attracts tens of thousands of visitors each year. At the “Erzberg Rodeo” or during the “Adventure Days” participants try to conquer the mountain’s harsh conditions and their weaker self.

At Hotel Kongress this effort is being rewarded! All participants who dare to face the challenges of the Erzberg get offered attractive special conditions. Because we know that a good night’s sleep and a proper breakfast can enhance athletic performance.

The place to be – Top Events at Erzberg

Red Bull Erzbergrodeo

Every year thousands of dirt bike enthusiasts from all over the world try to conquer the “mountain of ore” on their offroad-motorbikes. Only a few of them will ever cross the finish line. But action is not only happening on the race track itself - there is also plenty of entertainment for the thousands of viewers.
We are honored to accommodate both, participants and viewers, from all over the world each year. Thereby, people particularly enjoy our location, which is away from the hustle, but still close enough to get to Erzberg fast. Additionally, vehicles can be parked safely in our garage.

Krone Erzberg Adventure Days

Once a year the Erzberg turns into a venue for running events of all kinds.

6.000 adventurers come together in this special outdoor arena, surrounded by active mining, to challenge their bodies and minds. They have to conquer the mountain and its challenges in four competitions.

  • Erzberg Dirtrun
    Participants not only have to conquer the mountain itself, but also 60 obstacles, which are integrated in the beautiful nature.
  • AT&S Vertical Iron Sprint
    The legendary “Water pipeline” - what an unassuming name for the hardest section at Erzberg. 92 meters in altitude on a length of only 180 meters require the use of all physical strength. The all-time record? Incredible 102 seconds!
  • Erzberg Run
    Flat is boring! 13 kilometers, 758 meters in altitude.
    The finish line? The top of the “Styrian pyramid”.
    The route? Following the mining-floors.
    The reward? A panoramic view and a runner’s high.
  • Erzberg Nordic Walk
    Also for walkers the distance of 1.400 meters up the mountain is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Nordic Walk offers movement and athletic challenges for all age groups and fitness levels.

Travel time with the “Erzberg”-railway

The former cog railway on Erzberg was established in 1891 and was operating until 1978. Once used to transport ore from the mountain to the furnaces, it is now the steepest standard gauge railway in the European Union and thus a popular tourist attraction.

The “Erzbergbahn”- society has been operating and maintaining this important part of railway history since 1988. In 2003 the railway, as well as the railyard Vordernberg and the railway station Erzberg, were bought by ÖBB.

Thanks to the approximately 500 members of this society, the rail buses (5081.500) are still in use today. The ride leads you over eight brick-built viaducts - up to 32 meters high and 117 meters long - and through five tunnels with an overall length of 2,5 kilometers. A memorable experience for the entire family.

Experience the “Erzberg” live and send a non-binding E-Mail inquiry to Hotel Kongress in Leoben, or book your favorite room directly online.