Director Nina Neuhold-Kofler in conversation with Theresa Posch
We guarantee:
Director Nina Neuhold Kofler in a black jacket with a white blouse; © Hubert Uranjek
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  • best personal advice
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Philosophy of Hotel Kongress

Because satisfaction is no coincidence

This is our motto, which means, everyone at Hotel Kongress gives their best every day - for you!

The challenge? Meeting the expectations of our guests - always.
The goal? To exceed expectations - as often as possible.

The focus is on inspiring guests and employees.
Satisfied guests like to come back, satisfied employees like to stay here.

Hotel Kongress in Leoben - in the city, for the city

The range of products and services at Hotel Kongress are based on the highest standards in the industry. We select suppliers and products according to the following criteria

  • Quality
  • Regionality
  • Sustainability
  • Reliability
  • Economic efficiency

We try to buy our foods mainly from local farmers and producers, and work particularly with regional companies.

Open to new ideas, preserving what works

Hotel Kongress has an impact on a touristic, cultural, economic and political level. A broad and stable network of committed people helps to recognize international trends and regional developments at an early stage and react to them. Not everything new makes sense, however some old things slow down and hinder innovation. It is our ambition to integrate new, innovative ideas, but to also preserve customs and traditions.

A hotel, committed to the environment:

Quality also means protecting and preserving the world we live in. That is why we invest in the following areas

  • Photovoltaics
  • Energy management
  • Water consumption
  • Environmentally friendly cleansers
  • Employee training
  • Heating technology

to leave behind a world that future generations can also enjoy.

Quality promise at Hotel Kongress:

The quality management system creates the framework for the daily tasks. Constant self-monitoring and the will to develop further are the prerequisites for consistently high guest satisfaction. We appreciate praise and take criticism seriously.

Guest reviews are an important part of daily feedback and are greatly appreciated.

Reaching our goal together as a team:

Hotel work is teamwork. Mutual support, respectful interaction and open communication form the basis for stable working relationships. Every employee and every department is treated equally at Hotel Kongress. Directors and management are accessible and approachable. Solutions to life's challenges are found together. If going separate ways is unavoidable, doors should always be open and opportunities available.

We don't talk about money:

Economic success is the foundation and basis for further development. We always keep an eye on the legitimate interests of owners, business partners and banks. Only a healthy company is able to survive on the market in the long term and offer an attractive environment for guests and employees. The level of turnover and profit is ultimately an indicator of a company's success. Decisions are always made based on their social and economic impact.

Experience our philosophy at first hand and book your stay in Leoben directly online. Do you have any questions? You can reach us at +43 (0) 3842 46800 or