A tour group in the Lurgrotte Peggau stalactite cave
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From Hotel Kongress to the largest dripstone cave in Austria

Coach- and group trip to the Lurgrotte Peggau

The Lurgrotte Peggau is the largest active water cave in Austria. Located around 25 kilometers north of Graz, it crosses a karst area between the towns of Peggau and Semriach.

The dripstone cave throughout history

Officially discovered on 1st April 1894, the cave became sadly famous shortly afterwards. When seven speleologists entered the Lurgrotte on 28th April of the same year despite heavy rainfall, they were trapped inside by the rising water and had to remain in the cave for nine days until they were rescued. Thanks to the efforts of over 1,000 helpers, they were all rescued alive.

It was turned into a show cave after the first complete traverse of the cave in 1935, and from 1962 to 1975 it was possible to walk through the entire cave. Today, around two of the five kilometer-long cave can be visited as part of a guided tour.

Exploring the natural monument together

The Lurgrotte can only be visited with a trained guide. For tour groups, guided tours are also possible outside the regular opening hours. The hotel team would be pleased to help you to find appointments and organize your trip.

Well equipped for your cave adventure

Thanks to the well-developed paths inside the dripstone cave, no special safety precautions need to be taken during the tour. Sturdy footwear (trainers, light hiking or mountain boots) is required. The temperature inside the cave is +10° Celsius all year round with almost 95% humidity. Clothing should be chosen accordingly.

Hotel tip: Bus journey and combination options

The journey to Peggau from Hotel Kongress is via the S6 and S35. Plan for a travel time of approx. 45 minutes. From the bus- and car parking, walk with your group for five minutes to the cave entrance.

Combine your excursion to the Lurgrotte Peggau with a visit to Fortress Rabenstein or a city trip to the Styrian capital of Graz.

The hotel team would be pleased to put together a customized accommodation- and excursion package for you.

Explore the mystical Lurgrotte Peggau with a day trip from the Hotel Kongress. Book today and experience the wonders of the Lurgrotte Peggau in all its splendor!