The Mariazell Basilica; © Stefan Fröhlich on Pixabay
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From Hotel Kongress to Magna Mater Austriae

Coach and group tour to Mariazell

The Mariazell region is known as a place of spirituality and impresses with its diverse landscape. With its famous basilica, Mariazell has been a magnet for visitors and pilgrims from all over the world for hundreds of years.

In addition to the famous basilica, Lake Erlaufsee, the Ötscher-Tormäuer Nature Park and the Bürgeralpe invite you to discover nature in the Mariazell region.

Mariazell Basilica - the most important place of pilgrimage in Austria

The 90-meter-high tower, flanked by two slightly lower towers, is the eyecatcher of the pilgrimage site. It also houses the largest bell in Styria, weighing about 5,702 kg.

Mariazell is said to have been the destination of pilgrims since the early 12th century. Larger numbers of pilgrims were first mentioned in documents around 1330. Today, around one million pilgrims visit the place of pilgrimage every year.

Gingerbread and liqueurs - sweet temptations in Mariazell

In addition to Mariazell's undisputed importance as a place of pilgrimage, the region has many other attractions to offer. Take a look over the shoulders of the gingerbread bakers as they create their delicacies at the Pirker gingerbread bakery. Afterwards, visit the Arzberger liqueur manufactory and enjoy a glass of liqueur.

Crystal-clear water, mountain and forest - Erlaufsee and Bürgeralpe

Lake Erlaufsee, located near Mariazell, is 38 meters deep and offers drinking water quality. The popular local recreation area and excursion destination is also very popular with divers due to its crystal-clear water. A look into the crystal-clear water is a constant reminder of the privilege Austria enjoys with its natural drinking water resources.

The Mariazeller Bürgeralpe is a popular destination for locals and guests in both summer and winter. A modern gondola lift takes you directly from the town center to the summit plateau at 1,270 meters. Once there, numerous attractions await visitors. In Holzknechtland, forestry work processes from the past are presented to visitors. After 100 steps, you can enjoy the view from the Archduke Johann lookout point, one of the landmarks of the Mariazell region. Mountain huts and hiking trails invite you to breathe in the mountain air and to stop for refreshments if necessary.

Hotel tip: Bus travel and combination options

The journey to Mariazell via the Pogusch and Seeberg takes about 75 - 90 minutes. Buses can drive to the main square from Wiener Straße or Wiener Neustädterstraße - here your guests can get off the bus and be picked up again later. Access from Grazer Straße is not possible.

Combine the trip to Mariazell with a stop at Pogusch and Bründlweg

The hotel team would be pleased to put together an individual accommodation and excursion package for you.

Explore the majestic Mariazell Basilica, the most important place of pilgrimage in Austria. Enjoy your vacation at Hotel Kongress and experience wonderful Styria from Leoben.