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Must-sees in Leoben

Explore Hotel Kongress’ top five

Whether you are in the city on business or enjoying your leisure time and the flair - you should not miss out on these recommendations.

We present the top five sights of the Hotel Kongress team. Let's go!

1 The Schwammerlturm - landmark and viewpoint

The Schwammerlturm is the only town gate that has survived to this day and marks the crossing from the Waasenvorstadt to the centre of the mining town of Leoben. Built in 1280 as a gate of the former fortifications, the tower was rebuilt from scratch in 1645. After an earthquake in 1794, the tower was given its dome-shaped roof and its current name.

There is a café at the top of the tower, which can be reached via 119 steps. After a third of the ascent, you can take a lift for the rest of the way up.
The cafè is also well known to beer connoisseurs and was awarded “5 Krügerl” by the "Bier-Guide" in 2023. Their own "Tower Ale" was also honored with an award.

The Schwammerlturm's all-round terrace offers a 360-degree panoramic view of Styria's second-largest city. A selfie with a view of Hotel Kongress also captures the main square and the Old Town Hall.

Distance from Hotel Kongress: 300 metres

2 Leoben's main square - event location and relaxation oasis

The square, which has existed since the Middle Ages, is also affectionately known as the "Leoben’s living room". And this "living room" is popular with guests and locals alike. On 8,000m², everyone will find their favorite spot here.

The numerous open-air bars and restaurants invite you to enjoy Styrian cuisine, Italian coffee or a cool glass of Gösser beer. The numerous seating areas away from the restaurants also contribute to the cozy atmosphere.

The square is also a popular venue for events and parties. The Gösser Kirtag and the Iron Road for Children festival would not be the same without this social center.

The main square is the heart of the city and it is easy to lose track of time while chatting and laughing here. But see for yourself and find your favorite spot in Leoben's "living room".

Distance from Hotel Kongress: 150 metres

Customs and history - the other sights on the main square

Miner's fountain

At the southern end of the square is the miner's fountain (1799) with the depiction of a miner in a traditional Maximilian costume. The "kissing of the statue" takes place here every year as a custom during the "philistration" of the newly graduated miners.

Angel Fountain

At the north end of the square is the Angel Fountain (1794), above whose basin rises a neoclassical sculpture of an angel holding a shield with Leoben’s emblem.


The most beautiful baroque façade in Leoben's city center depicts the four seasons and various virtues from Roman and Greek mythology. The interior is decorated with a fresco by Max Tendler.

Plague column

In 1717, the townspeople erected the Trinity Column (Plague Column) at the end of the plague.

Old town hall

Historical evidence of the existence of the town hall on Leoben's main square dates back to 1485. The representative tower was first erected in 1568, while the rest of the buildings were added in the 17th century. The building was used by Leoben's local government until 1973.

3 The University of Leoben - study of mining and metallurgy and student life in Leoben

Leoben without students would be unimaginable. Numerous university events characterize Leoben’s everyday life throughout the academic year. These include the “Bierauszug” and the St Barbara's Day celebrations. On these occasions, Leoben's close ties with "its" university are also visible to guests. And those who enjoy themselves in the bars, pubs and cafès in the evening will often meet young people who are enjoying their time at university alongside their studies.

Once founded by Archduke Johann in Vordernberg in 1840, the educational establishment moved to Leoben in 1849. From 1904 the name was "Montanistische Hochschule", and since 1975 the globally recognised educational institution has been known as "Montanuniversität Leoben".

The buildings of the Montanuniversität, which today cover a large part of the northern city center, are well worth seeing. They offer an overview of different architectural styles since the founding years. The main building was already part of the city's expansion in 1889. The “Archduke Johann”-wing was built in 1970, renovated in 2009 and is connected to the main building via a bridge. The newest building is the Auditorium Centre, which was completed in 2022. With its three modern lecture halls, it offers space for 1,000 students.

Distance from Hotel Kongress: 600 metres

4 Asia Spa - wellness and relaxation

A visit to the water- and sauna worlds of Asia Spa is a must when staying in Leoben. Regardless of the weather. The combination of a spacious outdoor pool area surrounded by greenery and a relaxation center for wellness fans offers action and relaxation to suit your mood every day. As a guest at Hotel Kongress Leoben, you can enjoy the full range of services at the Asia Spa at discounted hotel rates.

Distance from Hotel Kongress: 850 metres

5 Gösser - Brewing history and Austria's best beer

Experience 1,000 years of beer history and the origin of Austria's best beer. The brewery whose beer was served at the signing of the State Treaty in 1955 is located in Leoben’s district Göss. In the brewery and the GÖSSEUM beer museum, you can learn all about beer brewing first hand.

Distance from Hotel Kongress: 2,900 metres

Hotel tip: the “Gösser room” for beer fans

Enjoy a special kind of stay in Leoben. The Gösser room at Hotel Kongress will make the hearts of true beer lovers beat faster. The double room in Gösser design is equipped with its own beer tap. The beer you enjoy is included in the room price. This means you can enjoy freshly tapped beer directly in your room at any time!

Overnight stays in the Gösser room also make an excellent gift!

Discover further highlights in Leoben

Leoben City Theatre

Founded on July 6th, 1790, the theater is the oldest continuously operating theater in Austria. The Leoben municipal theater has 283 seats and 105 standing places and is under monumental protection.

Museum Centre

The collection at the Leoben Museum offers an insight into Leoben and its regional history. Combined with modern installations and modern presentation techniques, visitors will find a multi-layered world of experience here.

Live Congress Leoben

The new building was constructed in 2022 in the heart of the city, creating state-of-the-art event facilities that blend seamlessly into the urban cityscape. Connected to Hotel Kongress Leoben, modern steel elements are combined with open, old wooden structures to create a unique ambience. Guests can reach the foyer directly via the hotel's own direct access.

Massenburg Castle

The Massenburg is not only the starting point for numerous hikes (link internally) around Leoben, but also offers a marvelous view of the mining town from the viewing platform. It is also the traditional venue for the "Oberlandler Kirtag", which has been held here since 1990. Just 900 meters from the city center, the site invites you to linger and take photos.

Leoben City Shopping

The opening of the shopping center in the former Dominican monastery in 2007 marked the beginning of a success story that continues to this day. The shopping center in the heart of the city is very popular with locals and visitors alike. The successful integration of the late medieval buildings into the overall concept has created a unique shopping experience with 80 businesses over an area of 20,000 square meters.

Hotel Kongress Leoben

Situated in the center of the city and yet in a quiet location, Hotel Kongress is your central starting point for all activities in Leoben. Discover the highlights of the mining town and enjoy the relaxed and stress-free short distances.

Hotel Kongress tip for even more city experience:

A guided tour with the certified Austria Guide Sophie Zeiler-Mahrous.

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