A group of stand-up paddlers on the Mur; © Le Bootshaus
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Paddling & SUP in Leoben

Refreshing water fun on the River Mur

Enjoy an unforgettable water sports experience on the picturesque Mur. Immerse yourself in the ecosystem of Styria's longest river. Take the opportunity to experience Styria and Leoben from a different perspective. After a long day at work, water sports offer a welcome change. Relax on the water, recharge your batteries and make your stay special!

Chill & Thrill – one trip, two worlds

The fascination of water sports on the Mur lies in the combination of a relaxed experience of nature and active exercise. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced paddler, the variety of activities offered allows everyone to enjoy the water in their own way. Along the course of the Mur, calm and fast sections alternate. After a break at the picturesque bridge, keep paddling and finally take the plunge from the station bridge with your guide.

Your water playground - The Mur around Leoben

The longest river of Styria offers the ideal conditions for unique water sports moments. Glistening in the sun, the Mur winds through the breathtaking landscape. Experience an impressive river landscape that is ideal for your water sports activities.

The water quality of the Mur meets quality class 2. The clear water and gentle current offer ideal conditions for unforgettable excursions. The river is generally not dangerous to navigate, but individual sections should be treated with respect. These include the bridge crossings in particular. It is best to book your Mur tour with one of the experienced guides. They know the action-packed spots and the best ways to enjoy them!

Inflatable boat, kayak or SUP?

Almost as important as the route: the vehicle. Classic inflatable boat, kayak or stand-up paddle board - every boat has its own appeal. The different skill, strength and coordination requirements make every tour unique.

  • Kayak:
    Ideal for adventurers who are looking for a personal connection to the water and want to enjoy the freedom of paddling to the fullest.
  • Stand Up Paddle Board:
    The trend sport equipment that trains balance and coordination. Standing on the board, you glide over the Mur while enjoying nature. Also available in the mega version for up to 10 people.
  • Inflatable canoe:
    Comfortable water fun for one or two passengers. Active paddling or drifting with the current - the choice is yours.
  • Inflatable boat:
    Whether for work or a conference visit. The classic inflatable boat is perfect for groups who want to set off together on a Mur tour.

Fun and action - experience wild water safely

Despite the calm character of the Mur, it is advisable to board the boat of your choice wearing a life jacket and helmet.

Life vest
No matter whether you go swimming voluntarily or involuntarily. The vest saves energy when swimming and provides a little warmth. It also offers protection from driftwood and stones. It also provides a good grip for pulling yourself back into the boat.

The helmet provides protection from branches and twigs protruding from the shore as well as from the paddles of other riders. The helmet also protects you if you lose your balance in shallow water.

Neoprene suit
It keeps you warm, protects you from the sun and wind and helps to prevent injuries in the water. With the right shoes, getting in and out of the water is easy.

All equipment is always included when you book a tour. Helmets, vests and suits are available in a wide range of sizes.

To the paddles, ready, set, go

Immerse yourself in the world of water sports on the Mur with Hotel Kongress. Experience the tranquility of the river, the power of the current and the beauty of nature up close. Book your guided tour today or hire the perfect equipment for your Mur adventure. Make the Mur your playground and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Experience the world of water sports on the Mur and book your stay at Hotel Kongress directly online. The reception team will be happy to answer your inquiry and book a suitable Mur tour for you on request.