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Traditional celebrations at Gösser Kirtag

Gösser Kirtag in Leoben is one of the best-attended fairs in Austria. In addition, the Gösser Kirtag is also one of the oldest and longest markets- Reaching from the main square to the roundabout in the district Göss, around 400 market vendors offer their products, some of which are only available at the Gösser Kirtag.

What had its origins in 1836 as a cattle and grocer's market, thanks to a decree of Emperor Ferdinand, is today one of the largest traditional events in Austria. Traditional beer tapping, culinary delicacies, music and dancing ensure the best atmosphere for the tens of thousands of visitors every year. The day of the event was also set as early as 1836. It always takes place on the first Thursday after the first Sunday in October.

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